Provision of a Catholic Faith Centre, “Oasis of Peace” where people can gather to experience a sense of belonging while also experiencing the Love, Joy, Hope, and Healing power of Jesus Christ through the team and all involved in the mission of Apostles of Love.

Individuals who become part of the apostleship will pledge to a year of daily prayer, attend gatherings of faith formation, attend Sacraments on a regular basis as well as witnessing to the Good News of what Christ has done in their lives. They will engage in acts of kindness when possible. Apostles of Love wish to bring all, especially lapsed Catholics and those hurt or broken by life experiences into the freedom and  fullness of life through the Joy of the Gospel that God intended through a Christ-centred pastoral ministry of awareness, encouraging & inspiring the people of God to experience and understand of a living faith with dignity.

The Apostles of Love wish by guidance of the Holy Spirit, God’s word by being Intentional Disciples, work in our new Oasis of Peace Centre to encourage all to encounter God’s love, his hope, his healing and his New Life. We desire to witness to the dignity of the human person, use new means and researched ways to teach faith, advocate on the issues of human life, support issues affecting family life and social justice remembering we are all our brother and sisters keepers. We wish to bring a new sense of belonging to people in communities.