Teaching & Learning

Our Catholic Faith

learn about Jesus, his ministry and teachings. 

Teaching made simple

Our Lady's School of Love

Let our lady bring you closer to her Son Jesus in Holiness

Learn to Pray, learn about Jesus with the Saints, imitate our Blessed Mother and turn to her in Intercession. She will help us in Prayer, Scripture, Fasting, Eucharist and confession

Study Programmes

into basics of our catholic faith in a gentle and simple approch, easing the Perticpante into the many aspects of faith.  How?  through Programs, study groups, and Prayer setting either in person or online.

Retreats & Pilgrimages

Learn a Deeper understanding of your catholic faith, through retreat days, pilgrim days, seminars and study programmes

Holy Spirit School

Holy spirit filled school. is a school of learning about who is the Holy Spirit, what are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? and How can we use them in our everyday life. How can I grow in the Holy Spirit.  if you would like to know more contact John or Pat, join many of our groups

Scripture School

Learn about the bible, where to start reading from and how to bring scripture alive and put into practice in your every day life.

Scripture Reflection

Scripture reflection through lectio divina and meditation on God’s word. We also have a Scripture Study group on Thursday’s from 11am-1pm. We also do programmes on Scripture. Contact Pat or Noreen by phone or online


Learning about about the catechism of the catholic church and the  Sacraments . We also do study programmes to grow in understanding our Catholic faith