Apostles of Love (Ireland)

The Association was formed in 2020, by  Deacon John Taaffe & Pat Butterly. The missionary group will be known as the Apostles of Love Ireland (Initiative of the Archdiocese of Armagh), made up of  lay people & clergy, all working together in Mission and Outreach to help build the kingdom of God by bringing individuals to come to know God’s Love and Healing. The Apostle of Love will manage the Oasis of Peace Centre, which will be a place of welcome, prayer, teaching and healing. As a pending lay association of the faithful and Clergy dedicated to the service of those in spiritual need, alongside meeting the pastoral needs of individuals and families.

 This community is the starting point of a providential missionary & evangelisation community hoping to emerge as an answer to what the founders believe to be a divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit, bring individuals and the peoples of the Archdiocese of Armagh and surrounds with the help of Our Lady (a) come to know the Love of God in their lives, (b) through our Holy Spirit School,  Ignite the Holy spirit within peoples hearts and through God’s Healing and our accompaniment, we will encourage individuals to a deeper relationship with Christ and His Word (c) we will encouage members of friends to discern Gifts and Charisms and journey with individuals to become intentional disciples (d) bring others to Christ through their evangelisation