Ask us Questions on your Catholic Faith in Order to Grow

1) Why do we believe that the Bible is an inspired book?

2) Why the Catholic Bible has seven books more than the Protestant Bible?

3) Why Catholics give importance to Sacred Tradition?

4) Why de we believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist?

5) Why do we pray for our dead relatives?

6) Why doesn’t the Catholic Church ordain women?

7) Why confess sins to a priest?

8) Why can’t I “I just follow my conscience?

9) Why fasting, penance and prayer are recommended during Lent?

10) Why should we tithe?

11) Why the Holy Mass is a sacrifice and a sacrament?

12) What is Pauline & Petrine previlges?

13) Why there should be singing by the choir and the people on Sundays?

14) Why do we celebrate Fathers Day?

15) Why do we celebrate the Independence Day?

16) Why Jesus suffered and died on the cross?

17) What Christians should know about Islam and Muslims?

18) What are the beliefs of the Assemblies of God?

19) Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

20) Who are the Baptists?

21) Who are Mormons?

22) Who are the Pentecostals?

23) Who are Methodists?

24) Why do we have a New Missal with newly worded prayers?

25) What is the Holy Mass?

26) Are we saved by “faith alone” or also through good works?

27) Why do Catholics honor and venerate saints?

28) Should Catholics believe in private revelations?

29) Do we have to believe in hell?

30) Why don’t Catholic priests get married?

31) What is the biblical basis of Pope’s authority?

32) Did Jesus Have Brothers and sisters?

33) Was Jesus born on Dec 25th, AD 1 or Jan 6th, 4th BC?

34) Who Were the Magi?

35) Why and how we should take New Year resolutions?

36) Why pornography is evil and sinful?

37)  What is the Catholic view on cremation?

38) What are the common doctrines of the Protestants?

39) Who are the angels?

40) Who are the devils?

41) Do Catholics worship statues and images?

42) Why do we observe Lent?

43) What are the Catholic observances during Lent?

44) Do Christians believe in reincarnation?

45) Why there is pain and suffering in the world?

46) Did Catholic Church discourage Bible reading? 

47) Why should we participate in the Holy Week liturgy?

48) Why do we believe in the resurrection of Jesus?

49) Why do Catholics make the sign of the cross?

50) Why do we have Eucharistic devotions like “Benediction of the Holy 


51) What are New Age Religions and why they are wrong?

52) Do we have assurance of our Salvation?

53) What is canonization of a saint?

54) What is biblical fundamentalism?

55) Why should we dress properly in the church?

56) Can Christians practice yoga?

57) What is the Catholic position on homosexuality?

58) How Catholic Bible differs from Protestant Bibles and which is the Bible used

in the Catholic liturgy in the United States?

59) Why do we observe Respect Life or Sanctity of Life Sunday?

60) Why contraception is sinful?

61) Is not keeping statues in churches idolatry?

62) What are the sacramentals?

63) What is “Sola Scriptura” doctrine and why it is wrong?

64) Why do Catholics believe in the Assumption of Mary, the mother of Jesus?

65) Are we saved by faith alone or also by works of charity?

66) How to protect your child from pornography?

67) Why cohabitation is sinful and dangerous?

68) What is the Catholic teaching on divorce?

69) What is marriage annulment in the Catholic Church?

70) What is the Catholic teaching on abortion?

71) What is the Catholic teaching on contraception?

72) What are the objectives or goals of Sunday Mass?

73) What are the main parts of the Holy Mass?

74) What is active participation in the Holy Mass?

75) What are the Eastern Rite Catholic churches?

76) What are the sacraments?

77) What is the sacrament of baptism?

78) What is the sacrament of confirmation?

79)  What is the sacrament of reconciliation?

80) What is the sacrament of the anointing of the sick?

81) What is the sacrament of matrimony?

82) What is the sacrament of the Holy Orders?

83) If God is in control, why should we pray?

84)  Why God always does not answer our prayers?

85 – Why do Catholics keep crucifixes in the churches, schools and homes?

86- What is the morality of new gun control laws?

87) What is the biblical basis for the Pope to become the head of the Catholic Church?

88) Why do we observe Ash Wednesday?

89) Why do Catholics obey the Ten Commandments given to the Jews?

90) What is a parish and its role in Christian life?

91) Where in the Bible does the Catholic Church get the idea of a Pope?

92) Why do we believe in the resurrection of Jesus?

93) Why we do observe Easter II Sunday as “Divine Mercy Sunday”?
94) Why moral relativism is wrong and dangerous?

95) Why should we follow a well-formed conscience?

96) Can devil possess man? What is exorcism?

97) What is canon law and who is a canon lawyer?

98) Why do we observe Mother’s Day?

99) Do Catholics believe in rapture?

100) Are Catholics born-again Christians?

101) What is the Catholic teaching on “Creation Science” and evolution?

102) What is the Catholic teaching on one’s eternal salvation. (L)“

103) Who wrote the gospels, when?

104) Are the New Testament Books historical and reliable?

105) What is the Catholic teaching on devil and devil worship?

106) What is the Catholic teaching on the Parousia or Christ’s “Second Coming?”

107) what is the Catholic teaching on heaven and hell?

108) Are We Re-Crucifying Jesus in every Mass?

109)  How would you introduce Matthew’s gospel?

110)  How would you introduce Mark’s gospel?

111) How would you introduce Luke’s gospel?

112) how would you introduce John’s gospel?

113) Give an introduction to the Acts of the Apostles

114) How would you introduce Paul’s epistle to the Romans?

115) How would you introduce Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians?

116) How would you introduce Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians?

117) What is Stewardship Awareness Sunday?

118) What is rosary devotion?

119) Why do we observe World Mission Sunday in October?

120) Why do Catholics observe “All Souls Day” and pray for their dead relatives?

121) Why do Catholics honor saints and seek their intercession?

122) What is the Catholic doctrine on heaven? 

123) How would you introduce Paul’s letter to the Galatians?

124) Why do we observe Thanksgiving Day?

125) What is Advent? Why do we observe it?

126) What is an Advent Wreath and its meaning?

127) What is the Church Year or Liturgical Year?

128) What are the names of Jesus in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek & Latin?

129) What is the Church Year or Liturgical Year?

130) Why cruelty to animals is sinful?

131) Why do we observe the blessing of throats on the feast of St. Blasé?

132) What is the source of the Church’s authority?

133) What is the basis of Christian doctrines and beliefs?

134) Are we saved by faith alone as the Protestants teach?

135) How is the Lectionary arranged?

136) Why did the church cover the crucifixes and statues during Lent in the past?

137) Why should we pray for vocations?

138) Is there “no salvation outside the Church?”

139) Is suicide always sinful?

140) What is the meaning of Pentecost for the Jews and Christians?

141) “What is Trinity Sunday?”

142) What is the biblical basis of St. Paul’s authority as an Apostle?

143) Why should all Catholics participate in the Sunday Mass?

144) Did the Church change the Mass to make it more acceptable to Protestants?

145) Is God’s name Yahweh or Jehovah in the Hebrew Scriptures?

146) Why the Catholic Church opposes “same sex marriage.”

147) Catholic teaching on “Millennialism” doctrine of evangelical Christian

148) Why should Christians deny themselves and take up their crosses to become Christ’s disciples?

149) Why and how should Christians correct others without judging them?

150) What is the enthroning of Christ the King in our families?

151) What is Advent and why do we observe it?

152) Was Jesus really born on December 25th?

153: What is the origin of the word “Christmas”?

154) Why do we honor Mary as the “Mother of God?”

155) Why do we baptize children?

156) What is the catholic teaching on infant baptism?

157) What is wrong about embryonic stem cell research?

158) Why do Catholics keep Jesus on the cross when He is risen? 

159) What is Original Sin?

160) Why do we have a parish mission in Lent?

161) What are the charismatic gifts?

162) Is there vacation from Sunday Mass & tithing?

163) What Biblical Prophecy is not, and What It Really is?

164) Why Catholics don’t have altar invitations as the Protestants have?

165) Are eulogies proper for funerals?

166) What are Eastern Rite Catholic Churches?

167) Is it be appropriate for a Catholic to pledge allegiance to the Bible?

168) Are any apparitions ever considered dogma?

169) Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

170) If Jesus was a Jew, why are we Catholic?

171) What does Bible teach on normal marriage and homosexual union?

172) What are the Aramaic words used in the New Testament?

173) Why the Aramaic- speaking writers wrote the New testament in Greek?

174) What is the catholic doctrine on “apostolic succession”

175) What does the Bible say about the 7 Sacraments?

176) Why isn’t the Sabbath on Saturday?

177) Am I using Confession as an excuse to sin?

178) How should I go about Teaching my children the Bible?

179) Why do we give up something for Lent?

180) What is the Catholic teaching on grace?

181) What are Christian and Islamic crusades?

182) What do we gain by participating in a Sunday Mass?

183) How should we forgive our offenders?

184) Why do we celebrate the feast of Assumption?

185) What is the difference between the Jewish and Christian idea of the Messiah?

186) Is there danger in church unity movement or Ecumenism?

187) What is the Catholic teaching on the end of the world?

188) Why do we celebrate First Communion?

189) Why and how to protect kids from Pornography?

190) What is Memorial Day and why do we celebrate it?

191) What is the Liturgy of the Hours?

192) What are the differences between the doctrines of Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness?

193) What are Nihil Obstats, Imprimaturs, and Church Censorship?

194) Is “Meshiach ben David” (Messiah son of David) of the Jews the same as Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, and the Son of God?

195) Why St. Paul is called an Apostle?

196) How to take your faith with the summer vacation?

197)  What are the duties of a pastor in a Catholic parish?


Our Prayer Ministers consists of Mature people of faith  who are able to pray with you and for you regarding specific intentions or needs Our Prayer Ministers serve as intercessors in the our community to fulfill the call to pray for one another.and for the needs of those who need prayer in their lives. Prayer ministers also have in a way an evangelistic approach in intercession for the conversion of others in our wider commuinity. 


Apostles of Love have a number of Healing Ministries in operation, from weekly Eucharistic Healing services at our Tuesday Morning Prayer meeting. One-One Prayer & Healing Ministries, Peer Prayer Ministry,  Anointing of the Sick. All one to one appointments are by booking, Click Here. 




Unbound helps us respond to the good news of the gospel and apply truth to our lives using Five Keys: 1) Repentance and Faith 2) Forgiveness 3)Renunciation 4)Authority and 5) The Father’s Blessing.


To book prayer ministry please complete the form below. Thank you


1) Keep It Simple
2) Do It Often

3) Open Your Heart
4) Use the Lord’s Prayer as a Template
5) Listen Expectantly for a Response

To pray means to communicate with God. That can mean thanking Him, praising Him, confessing
something you’ve done wrong, or expressing a need you have. It can even mean just talking to Him
as you would to a friend.
Learning how to pray is really about developing a relationship with God. Relationships are built on
moments of connection. Those moments of connection bond you to another person, and many of
them center on communication — the words you say and the way you say them. But how do you do
that with the God of the universe?