Parish Programmes

  • “Landings Programmes” & “Re-connect Programme” which provides an opportunity to participate in the Church’s evangelisation mission by opening your hearts to those who have been away. Sharing your time, your resources, and your faith could bring others back to the Church. By setting up a Landings program at your parish, you can provide a safe harbour (or a “landing” place) for returning Catholics to explore their faith and their future with the Church, will include music and refreshments. This programme looks at how we can find the grace of God, whether in the simple ordinariness of life or in the daily miracles of nature.
  • Parish Drug / Alcohol and Addiction Ministry: Training individuals to support those affected or initiatives to help prevent misuse and addictions.
  • New Beginnings Programme A programme that is three one hour sessions that is designed to bring all parish members to a new level of understanding of their religious community and their role within a newly invigorated parish.
  • Training in Parish Ministries: Baptismal, Children’s Liturgy, hospitality and funeral ministry
  • My Parish (membership / ownership) – My Spirituality (Steps to Spiritual Growth) – My Ministry  / Called & Gifted (My Parish-based Vocation
  • Mentoring Programme: Embark is a new fascinating journey, taking a look at what it means to be a modern catholic in a modern parish, through a consideration of steps to enhance your individual spiritual life, and on discovering your parish-based vocation- the opportunity to use the talents that God has given you in new exciting ways both in parish and in the world. This is done through individual mentoring or groups
  • Promote work of the The 12 – Called & Gifted, Unbound Ministries etc.